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Michael Jullian
LIS Live It Stoked Founder / Producer


Keeping The STOKE Alive!

Keeping The STOKE Alive!

Michael Jullian is a Muscian of 20+ years, Surfer, Skateboarder, Freestyle Rider Videographer and Producer.

The vision for Live It Stoked was inspired by some life threatening challenges after Michael sustained a broken neck from an accidental fall from a scaffold 2 stories high.

“When we fell I was thinking, ok.. I can free fall into position to protect the female in front of me or land on her which of course was just NOT an option.”  “I felt all 3 the 16 X 20 boards hit me one at a time on the right side of the neck just trying to keep my position over the female in front of me so she wouldn’t get hit.”
“I knew after the last board made impact that I had sustained some shock but due to an unfortunate high threshold to pain really didn’t understand what would follow years later.”
“Of course now it’s all about staying STOKED keeping POSITVE and trying to heal.

Michael sustained a broken neck in 3 places with spinal disks C1 C2 and C3 in jeapordy with fragments lodged
in the spinal cord which left him with altered synaptic responses to the spinal chord and first stages of arm and
leg paralysis.

“I was just in a state of denial and shock I suppose.  It’s really crazy to think that my neck was critcally broken into
pieces for 7 years, and to tell people that story is always a little awkward, but that’s my reality…” says Jullian.

After going through multiple MRI scans of his neck and spinal cord it was more than appearent that a major
Lamectamy Neck Rebuild Surgery would be neccessary in order for Michael to move forward in life.
During admitance and clearing for neck surgery, Michael and his family were then hit with a major blow that
was not forseen.  Michael’s heart was operating at just 41% of it’s circulation capicity.  During the tineframe in
waiting for neck surgery, Michael had sustained 3 major heart attacks in the Coronary Artery and would need
to undergo Open Heart Surgery CABG immediately.

0418011543b “We were all in shock” recalls Jullian of  his visit to MGH Mass General   Hospital in Boston.
“I knew that I had sustained some heart trouble during the stress of ny neck but I really didn’t think that I would be going in immediately for Open Heart Surgery.”

“My neck was broken in 3 places and I was dealing with the painful reality
that my chest had just been cut open and closed with a wire in the sterum.”

Jullian was told by both the Cardiology Staff as well as Neurology that he would have to wait at least 12 to 16 months in order to return for the Laminectomy Neck rebuild surgery.
“I just couldn’t accept that.  I had been in so much pain and waiting so long for this opportunity that I just put my focus on STO1220012215KED energy and started softly excercising my torso and body with a prep for surgery regiment.  I knew that if I could get my vitals to normal that they would have to admit me if my body could undergo the neck surgery.”

Jullian managed to surprise both the Cardiology and Neurology Doctors assinged to him in asking to be admitted to neck surgery just 8 months after   his Open Heart Surgery CABG.

Jullian then underwent a full Laminectomy Neck  Rebuild Surgery that makes him one of
14 people in the world who have recieved this type of hardware rebuild.
Jullian was in surgery for 6 hrs and 43 min which is pushing the maximum capcity for
life support during any major surgery.  The end result:  Disk Fin removal and canal cleaning,
4 titanium allied plates, two at the base of the skull and 2 mounted in the clavical, 2 titanuim allied rods that connect the plates top and bottom which run the length of the neck internally between the remaining disk material and the spinal cord, 12 bolts, 12 nuts, 12 flat hinges and a partial titanium hinge at T2 which is at the base of the neck between the shoulders.

LIS Interview with Creator & Founder of Live It Stoked Michael Jullian



  1. Alex Hirsch October 25, 2016 @ 5:58 pm Reply

    good for the world. i support you spiritually.

    • Michael November 3, 2016 @ 2:24 pm

      Hi Alex!

      Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind and supportive words!
      I appreciate it VERY VERY MUCH! I hope that you have a VERY GOOD DAY TODAY!


    • Michael December 11, 2016 @ 3:39 pm

      Hello Alex!
      Jut wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!
      Please spread the word about the site and thanks again!

      Live It Stoked!

      Michael Jullian

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