Surfing Legend Robert August of “Endless Summer”



LIS “Live It Stoked” Interview With Surfing Legend Robert AugustRobert August2

In the summer of 2014 we had the honor and pleasure of connecting with and sharing some STOKED ENERGY
with Surfing Legend Robert August of “Endless Summer” at the “Wall” in North Hampton New Hampshire with the
opportunity and good graces of friend and owner of Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop Dave Cropper.

We spoke with Robert about the power of STOKED ENERGY and how he has utilized positive thinking, STOKED ENERGY and surfing as a way to overcome life obstacle and challenges in his life.
We are blessed and honored to have connected with Robert as an LIS Advocate and to have Robert as a member of the
Live It Stoked family!
Staying true to form, aging gracefully and powerfully Robert continues to be an inspiration to the world of surfing and the world as a whole!