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Nikki Blume & The Gramblers Featuring Karl Denison

LIVE @ Jungle Jam JACO Costa Rica
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“Once You Say”

Check out this NEW video from Michael Breneir and FREEVOLT!
FREEVOLT is an AMAZING Roots, Americana, Reggae and Skankin Band from the North Shore of Massachusetts
that has made a HEAVY impact on the Music Scene in New England and abroad!
We would like to thank ALL the members of FREEVOLT and our Amigo Michael Breneir and all of those who
contributed to the making and production of this STOKED piece of Art & Music!



London Souls JAM IN THE VAN



Kung Fu

LIVE MUSIC Artist Al Scholl

picture-976Al Scholl is a self taught artist that specializes in waves, seascapes, and sunsets from the surfer’s perspective. He started painting at 30 years old. He promotes himself on a regular basis by doing LIVE ART!! Al can be seen on stage painting with Southern California’s finest reggae musicians on a regular basis. He follows many local bands to include the Devastators, Stranger, Upfull Rising, Project out of Bounds, IyaTerra, Arise Roots, Sunny Rude, Roots Covenant, High Tide, Maka Roots and many more. “I have had the honor to paint with the likes of Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse, Tribal Seeds, Skatalites, Slightly Stoopid, Don Carlos, Big Mountain, Members of Santana, Black Seeds, Iration, and so many more.

“My art has turned into a musically inspired dream come true where I can express my passion to my favorite music.” Al starts with a white canvas, and inspired by the live music creates a painting for the crowd by the end of the evening!

“My two most inspirational tools are the Ocean, and Live Music. Painting and Surfing are my passions and I love to bring smiles to people with the use of vivid color. I paint off the top of my head and try to stay as unique and original as possible, while increasing my speed and creativity! I think when people see the process they become attached to the art in some way. When I have free time I can be seen at many local San Diego beaches free painting to the pure beauty of Southern California.”

Al has painted at over 500 reggae shows and recently at the California Roots Festival 2012-2014 in Monterey with a team of artists formed by the Haven Arts Studio. During this 3 day event with the best in Roots music there were 2 live artists creating paintings on each stage with every band. Live art is making some big waves inspired some some the most talented musicians in the world. Al has done 3 California tours to include being featured at the Uplift Festival, Reggae in the Hills, Fyah on the Water, and One Love One Heart Festival.
In San Diego Al has begun hosting Art Wars. His first 7 events have been a success while exposing local artists and musicians to the community. An Art War is a friendly inspirational competition where 4 or more artists paint for a specific time frame inspired by music. Every event is and abundance of creativity with 4 artists painting for 100 minutes to 2 live bands. We are all winners, however the crowd decides the winner at the end of the time frame. “I think live music is a key factor to channeling the inspiration and creativity. The energy is amazing and we all challenge ourselves to work out of our comfort zones.”

Al is also planning a 6 California city tour to help fund his dream of Artifornia. The Artifornia tour will raise awareness for live art, live music, local talent in each city, and most of all fuel a fundraising program to create rolling music and art studios to bridge the gap in arts in music in our schools. His goal is to make art and music a priority for our children, our future artists, musicians, and painters. “Exposure to the arts at a young age is a crucial necessity for our culture and expression to survive. I feel obligated to expose as many children as I can to the arts. Imagine how many artists there are out there that never get the opportunity to express themselves. Life is short, art is forever.”

Will Dailey

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